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  Name : Ian Bennett
Web Site : http://nil
Country : Australia
How you found us : Your website then through Whippet Club
Comments : Lost my whippet at too young an age in a car accident and looking for a new best companion.
Date : 23-Aug-21

  Name : Susan langley
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Dogs on line
Comments : I am looking for the right Frenchy breeder. We a dark brindle boy 35 years ago an love the look and personality.your dogs remind me of my Louie.
Date : 4-Dec-20

  Name : Wilhelmina Diemer
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : searching for whippet breeders near Brisbane
Comments : Your website is lovely... I am interested in a puppy or an older whippet as I am retired and home all day. Luckily you are not too far from Brisbane so it's easy to drive up for a visit. After the death of my Golden Retriever in December 2019 I am ready for a new companion!
Date : 1-Jun-20

  Name : Ian Roberts
Web Site :
Country : Australia, Queensland
How you found us : Through talking to a vet at the dog beach
Comments : We ask every person we see who has a whippet, where they got it from. Desperate for a dog in 2019 and whippets are our family favourite. Today we may a lady vet who got her beautiful dog from you. She was so positive about his health that we looked you up as soon as we got back from the dog beach. We love looking at your sight.
Date : 2-Dec-18

  Name : Anastasia
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : searching for whippet breeders on line
Comments : We have had whippets for thirty years and in Feb 2017 we euthanised our 17 year old whippet. I am currently searching for a whippet approx 12 months old. We are both retired and our whippet is really part of the family and always around us. We are near the beach and we go for two daily walks, a long one in the morning along our empty beach and a shorter walk in the afternoon around our neighbourhood. Please keep me in mind if you have any whippets you would like to rehome.
Date : 23-Oct-17

  Name : Susan Phillips
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : web search
Comments : I am very interested in the frenchies, I currently own a stafford who is now 12 years old.
Date : 30-Nov-16

  Name : Greg Cassidy
Web Site :
Country : Oz
How you found us : Google
Comments :
Date : 22-May-16

  Name : james gordon
Web Site :
Country : United States
How you found us : web
Comments : hi, just wanted to let you know your website is really amazing. i loved watching the dogs you have :) god bless you :)
Date : 30-Apr-16

  Name : Sandra Bowden
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Through Dogzonline
Comments : I have a 5 year old male greyhound x kelpie and would love a companion for him and us! Will is an indoor/outdoor dog but wishes to stay in most of the time, gets walked daily and is very sweet, never fights & we adore him! I love whippets and would love to have a puppy or an older female if possible. Thankyou Sandra
Date : 6-Jan-16

  Name : Tim
Web Site :
Country :
How you found us :
Comments : Ich kenne viele Webseiten die ich sonst so besuche, aber eure Seite kannte ich noch nicht! lass deswegen mal ein Dankeschn hier! :-)
Date : 17-Jan-15

  Name : Sue
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Internet
Comments : Looking for female puppy and came across your site. Just loved your puppies antics and some of the colours.
Date : 27-Mar-14

  Name : Amie
Web Site :
Country : Ipswich, Queensland
How you found us : word of mouth recommendation
Comments : Stunning examples of a truly beautiful breed of dog - eagerly awaiting news of an upcoming litter!! All the best!
Date : 27-Feb-14

  Name : Shiree
Web Site :
Country : Australia
How you found us : Google search whippet breeders qld
Comments : We are looking for a female companion for us, and our 8 month old female GSP. We have never owned a whippet but was wondering if one would be suitable for us. She will be predominantly indoors but will get PLENTY of exercise as we live 2 minutes from the beach. We are very dedicated to our GSP (ruby) in regards to her diet, excercise and training. We would love to find her a little sister. I'm very taken to your whippets... Especially Trixie;) great website.
Date : 21-Nov-13

  Name : Hilmar
Web Site :
Country :
How you found us :
Comments : Bin durch Zufall auf eure Website gestoen, sieht gut aus! Gre und alles Gute :-)
Date : 20-Nov-13

  Name : Pen
Web Site :
Country : Nth Qld Australia
How you found us : Browsing
Comments : Enquiring about your next litter, I'm looking for female whippet puppy.bHave had lots whippet experience. We have 12 acres close to the beach. Whippet heaven. Cheers Pen
Date : 1-Jun-13

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